Sunday, June 1, 2014

Bad Sunday

"Its five o clock in the morning! conversation getting boring"
Chris stirred in his sleep. He rolled towards the phone and stretched out his hand to turn the phone face down to stop the alarm.
He stood up now, fully awake and picked up the phone from where it had dropped. He wanted to put the phone face down to mute the alarm but had awkwardlky pushed it and it had fallen to the floor. Thanks to the accelerometer or g sensor thingy on his phone he could mute calls, alarms, notifications and whatsoever. That was what he was trying to do before he pushed the phone to the floor. He looked at the screen and was happy it hadn't cracked .
"Imagine cracking a galaxy s4 screen" he thought to himself.
He had bought the phone some weeks ago thanks to the growing android fanbase and the promise of bbm coming on the platform. He had gone to loads of forums online to search for the best phone for himself. It got down to two choices. An iPhone 5 or the galaxy s4. Windows mobile was not enticing to him and BlackBerry-the platform he had just left, was definitely a no no. Though the unlimited data plans on BlackBerry was a very big pull but with that crappy os they had that couldn't even boast of a decent game he wasn't tempted to go back. Android had offered everything he'd wanted versatility, customizable everything, loads of free awesome games and apps. The fear of always syncing with laptops to get a simple picture ended the chances of the iphone.
That was then, now he was tired of the phone and wanted to sell it. When he bought it there was this cheat were you could use Droidvpn and bis to browse at a very cheap price. The stuff got blocked and now 6k5 had been gutted on internet subscription and it hadn't even lasted a month. He didn't have a buyer yet but he knew where they'll be. Nairaland. You could sell and buy anything on that forum. He had placed an advert there some days ago, a guy had called offering 30k. He had ended the call immediately. Talk about low lifes. A phone he had bought for 86k.
He tapped the calender widget twice and a husky female voice read out the events he had for today.
"Lectures with Alabi Labaika at room10 by 10 o clock, ECN lectures at FSS 12 to 2 o clock, date with shade at ozone to watch "kickass 2" by 6 pm".
"O no" he groaned out aloud.
Labaika was a lecturer that taught Fba, he was the most feared lecturer in the Faculty. He was stern and strict and wicked he then added ugly to the mix for a perfect blend. Once he gets into the class and you are standing opaŕi, he would send you out. He conducted tests anytime he felt like. His assignments were so complex that even if you searched on google you would be directed back to Labaika. He was a thorn in the flesh of every Business Administration student of the University of Lagos and to make matters worse Fba was not an elective course.
Bajo was a colossal example of Labaika's heartlessness. Labaika had come to class that day and had done his rituals-sending everyone standing out. He was writing the topic of the day's lecture on the board when Bajo's phone rang. Bajo answered the call.
"Whose phone is that?" Labaika's voice bellowed in his croaky voice.
Bajo remembering that he was in Labaika's class had hastily hung up but it was to late, Labaika had seen him.
"Come out here that silly boy".
"Me?" Bajo asked in mock surprise.
"You are very silly for that statement, are you mad? I said come out here".
Bajo shrugged and bounced to the front of the class and posed like a model. The rage showed all over Labaika's face. He smiled. He would disgrace this boy today.
"Oya up down, up down start frog jumping".
Bajo was a bold 5 kinda big boy with a ride, plus he stayed off campus so frog jumping was out of the question. He did what his mates, 400 level students would do. He walked to the door opened it and walked out on Labaika. That was his greatest undoing. At the end of the semester Bajo failed Fba even though he had enough grades to give him an E. He got an extra year as he couldn't graduate without passing Fba. Word had it that he had gone to Labaika with 200k but Labaika had sent him out of his office. He failed the following semester and was advised to withdraw. Labaika had wasted Bajo's life.
"Guy wetin you dey think?" His roommate asked as he was jarred from his reverie.

His mind had left Labaika. The last entry on his to do list was more thrilling than Labaika. Date with shade. Shade. That girl had been so so hard to get, but now he was the lucky guy who was her boyfriend. He remembered that Sunday afternoon he first met her, life hadn't been fairer. Or worse. It was a bittersweet experience. Sweet that that was the first time he laid his eyes on her. Bitter because it was an embarrassing day for him. They had both been in the campus shuttle. He had gone home to reimburse his dwindling provisions and cash and was getting back to school.
"New hall?" The driver called out with his rotten teeth and ogidiga breath".
"New hall wà o" a voice answered behind him.
Chris turned to look at the owner of the sweet voice he just heard.
"Cute chic" he thought as he looked away and began to gather his things. The driver stopped at new hall.
"Please I'm getting down", he told the guy near the door. The person adjusted to allow him go through, unknown to him the girl who had the cute face was also alighting. As he jumped down, his right hand that steadied him slipped and it hit her hand. She lost grip of her phone and it dropped on the tarmac, disseminating in about fifty five parts.
"Are you blind?"
"Sorry I wasn't looking", Chris said with genuine sympathy on his face as he bent down to pick up the pieces of the phone from where they had fallen. Gosh!!! A Q10. He was in soup today. No, make that pepper soup. As the shuttle eased away Chris retrieved the battery cover and slapped it on. The phone had actually scattered into three pieces. The phone, battery and battery cover, so it wasn't all that bad.
"I'm really sorry, I just wasn't looking". The phone came on and he sighed in relief, just one box ticked, time to check if the phone could make a call, ring out, it the camera still worked. He just prayed he wouldn't be visited by the girls boyfriend.
He presented the phone to her, careful not to grimace under the look she gave him. If looks could kill his parents would be pouring sand on his casket now.
"I'm really really sorry", he said as he tried to muster his most pitiful look. She snapped the phone from his hand and walked briskly away towards new hall but not without eyeing him from up to down.
"Wait", he called out after her. He picked his traveling bag to follow her and apologize again to avoid one guy giving him the beating of his life. She didn't look happy or satisfied with his apology and he wasn't happy about that also.
Honk Honk
The horn came to his ears just as he was about crossing the road. He hadn't even bothered to check the road before crossing.
"Oh poo, this girl nearly got him hit by a car"
The car drove away rapidly accelerating, the driver looking his way with disgust in his eyes. All this high rise boys.
He jogged towards ...................her. He didn't even know her name."See, I'm sorry, it wasn't intentional at all, you've got to believe me"
He didn't expect the next thing he heard.
"See guy whatever your name is leave me alone. I've heard the bullshit you have to say, now leave me alone. Is it by force? Na your type?"
Chris looked around as the girl walked into Makama , all the people within a hundred metre radius had just witnessed his humiliation. And to think she was talking like he was toasting her or something. That's what they'll think, that he was trying to get her number or something. He picked his traveling bag and trudged towards Sodeinde. Today was definitely a bad day. God he hated Sundays

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