Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ios vs Android: The battle is over

   Wrong am I? No i'm not. The ios vs android war is over and a winner has emerged. If this were in the wee months of 2012 we might have given it to the ios but fast forward to 2013 and android has won the battle and probably the war. These operaring systems have changed mobile devices and what they can do in the palms of our hands, ios with its simplicity and sureness of efficiency. Android with its effectiveness of acheiving whatever you set it to do. The debate would continue to rage and points will continue to be made but android has a couple of advantages over the ios and they are pretty solid ones.

 The home screen: ios and android have gotten better and a lot of cosmetic and structural changes have gone into them after ios 4 and gingerbread. These versions of their respective operating systems were where they really got it right, the newer versions were built on these systems.

The android home screen gives you everything, live wallpapers, weather, news streams, notifications widgets, everything. The iphone is different from the android phones as the os and phone come from the same manufacturer so it is relatively easy for them to make the phone look exactly as they envision. The number of phone makers and the different mobile operators have given the android homescreen very diverse looks. The nexus line seems to be the only brand that offers an unadulterated android homescreen. With the notifications bar just a pull away, weather widget, news and all the nexus homescreen is a real beauty. The amount of custimization is simply breathtaking and that is exactly what android is all about. Do as you please.

 Variety: one major strenght of android is its variety. With sammy churning out devices like tomorrow is another day to die hard and Htc showing that its not by thousands of plastic phones but hundreds of solid well built devices and Lg, Motorola and other brands producing phones with diverse specs and screen sizes plus their own modifications to the os, the iphone is outgunned and outnumbered. Even Mohamed Ali cant fight Tyson and Mayweather at a time and expect to win.

Apps: The itunes store has the largest volume of apps, something the windowsphone  would cringe at hearing. But android is growing fast, and fast enough that it is likely it overtake the istore. Also the argument that iphone apps have a better quality than its android counterparts is losing steam because the quality of apps in the playstore has drastically improved. Every app that the android os has can stand toe to toe with its ios version. Games like modern combat 4, nova, shadowgun, real racing and a lot of others offer great graphics and an awesome gaming experience.

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Screen size: according to a survey, smartphone owners prefer a bigger screen something along the four inches line. The 3.5 screen of the iphone was great but now with far larger android screens and equally stunning graphics they lay out small screens dont cut it anymore. Even though the iphone 5's screen grew in height it still doesn't look large.

Cross app integration: The ios closed nature doesnt allow apps to share common resources, for example a pdf document in your email can never be saved. It'll only exist in your email. The android os allows you to share a document or picture, anything as far as another app can make use of it there is the option for that app to find it and use it.

I for innovation: the I in the iphone and iproducts mean innovation. Well that's what some people believe. But after ios4 innovation seems to have ended with the iphone. Meanwhile android has grown in leaps and bounds in this regard. Project butter, widgets, smooth transition between panes, apps, heavy web pages, and a lot of cosmetic changes have occured on the os. The different manufacturers also add their own ideas, sometimes it works other times it doesnt. The samsung s3 with its front facing camera that knows when you are not looking at the phone and puts off the screen then turns on when you do, pauses and plays videos when you look away and look back, Samsung s4 with its hovering gesture control and the likes.

The andy boys will be heard loud and clear for years to come thats a given, the uncertainty lies with ios catching up or falling further behind. So many factors aid androids cause, Mark Zuckerbergs plunge into androids waters with the new "facebook home" feature is an indication that he beleives totally in the os. Steve Jobs death also a big loss for apple as it seems their innovation died with him. Or the closed system of apple that you need to jailbreak your idevice then download an app from cydia before you can send your mom the picture you just took with her or maybe its the browser that doesnt support any flash content. Android built its os in a way that google search, gmail, google maps, google+, youtube, google now and google docs are all knit round the os. A really smart move as some of these features are used everyday by us and like Manchester united and Manchester city the android family are really getting noisy. Spending $213m in 2011 on tv, magazine & newspaper adverts surely makes a lot of noise and more was spent in 2012, 2013 will undoubtly increase. The android os has overturned the ios in a lot of areas that are evident. What we are all pondering is how wide it'll stretch its lead.