Sunday, April 7, 2013

Arrows of the Mighty: Rccg Holy Ghost service for April

The April Holy Ghost service of the Reedemed christian church of God held at the redemption camp on Friday 5th April and it was a blast as it usually is. The theme of the service was "arrows of the mighty".
Students of Christ reedemers school, salvation international school and a host of others thrilled the congregation with musical displays and rendition of memory verses. Praise and worship was next and then Pastor Kunle Ajayi ushered in Pastor Adeboye with exquisite tunes from his saxophone.

The sermon

Topic: Arrows of the mighty
Text : Psalm 127 vs 3-4

There are different types of weapons:
¤ physical weapons
¤spiritual weapons
We all know the physical weapons examples are guns, spears, bombs, swords and the likes. Spiritual weapons on the other hand can not be seen as they are spiritual, and they are in different classes.

Weapons that everybody can use
¤The law of harvest: The law of harvest that people also term the law of karma applys to everybody. What you sow you will reap. Prov 11 vs 21 Prov 6 vs 7

Weapons that are exclusive to beleivers only
¤Praises: Psalm 68 vs 32-34 Chronicles 20 vs 20-25
¤Shouting: Joshua 6 vs 20
¤The name of Jesus: Acts 3 vs 6
¤ The Blood of Jesus: Rev 12 vs 11
¤The Word of God: Mathew 4 vs 1-11

Weapons available to God's Prophets
¤Decrees: Job 22 vs 28 2 Kings 4 vs 1-17

Weapons available to God alone
¤Children: Children? Yes and he has used them many times. Samuel, Joseph, David are good examples 1 Samuel 3 vs 10. He uses them because they are surprise weapons. 1 Samuel 17 vs 1-58. If a big soldier had gone to fight Goliath, Goliath would have been more carefull.
In our text children are compared to arrows in the hands of the mighty. That says something about the power that children have. Every child has an Angel and these Angels have direct acess to God.  That is why their prayers are speedily answered.

Prayer points
1. Thank God for the salvation of your soul and that of your children
2. Father make my children signs and wonders all over the world
3. Father make me and my children vessels of honour in your hands
4. Father use my family to heal the sick, raise the dead and set the captives free
5. Father pursue sickness, death and demons far from my family
6. Father use my family to bring millions into your kingdom
7. Father let there be only shouts of joy in my family.

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