Monday, March 11, 2013

Jean jackets; thats the latest fashion piece

Do you have one of these cuties?

 Yes? You be sure person i swear. If you don't well . . . . . . . head over to a clothing store and get yours because thats whats up now. Jean jackets are the latest fashion craze now and it seems like its here to stay. Its not hard to spot a fashionably guy or girl on them. Whether its to classes or the cinemas or just hanging out with friend, a jean jacket is not out of place. Disregard the weather this piece of clothing looks awesome on anyone sporting it. How did it all start?
   An immigrant Levi Straus, from Germany was one of the inventors of the jean jacket. In the early 1970's, he teamed up with Jacob Davies, a tailor in the nearby state of Nevada. Levi had been producing the blue jeans for miners and cowboys as a work cloth. Davies claimed he found a way to produce more durable jeans by adding copper tins to the corners of the pockets and a copper made fly. They became partners and began to work together. Their 'BLUE JEANS' became a sensation among miners and cowboys. The partners were quick to realize their blue jeans required a top addition to protect other parts of the body. Thats how the jean jacket was introduced. It was later put into mass production and the buzz for it diminished but right now, its back and better.

   A lot of Nigerian fashion designers are already doing wonders with it and you just have to love it as every designer drops his or her own dose of creativity on these beauties. it doesn't cost much, around 4k-9k should get you a nice designer jean jacket.they come in long sleeves and armless variants so you have the option of choosing whichever tips your fancy. So head out today looking fresh with your jean jacket. Y.O.L.O remember?

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