Saturday, August 16, 2014

How Online marketing works

Marketing online is the new method of getting consumers but technology trends and lifestyle changes are altering the business landscape, and modern brands are thriving because they recognize this.  Whether its the portals or channels used, the platforms, strategies or methods of operation, new age brands are communicating with their customers in completely dynamic ways and we the  consumers are noticing.

Heres a statistic that might interest you: 72 percent of consumers want a marketing campaign that is on multiple platforms but only 39 percent of companies are actually doing it. This means consumers want to see the products they buy on more than one platform. When theres a gap between what consumers want and what businesses are offering, then things are not just ok. Modern brands know this but it seems the conventional brands don't know they should be evolving also.

Customers are always busy so why do they want to see their goods everywhere? The Internet is a tool, everyone knows that but how to use that tool is what is really important, not only knowledge but application of it and no one portal of communication allows for maximum digital interaction.

For example, a you tube channel will give customers tutorials and maybe demos or product reviews and previews and adverts. Another portal, say a Google plus page will provide business information, about the company, news, interesting facts and customer reviews as well as their level of follower ship. Twitter will give information about promo's, new products, links to events and things like that. Facebook will allow comments and recommendations. So do you understand now? In all these portals, the parts of the brand that can be advertised are, through the channels unique capabilities and the users go to the portal that they know will provide them with exactly what they want to see.

When you are marketing online, know your objectives, then the portals and channels you will be using, and fuse them in a way that each says something different from the other. Use every channel of your multi-channel campaign to showcase the full identity and personality of your company.

Some years back online marketing had not become as important as traditional marketing, those days are gone. Now the Internet and marketing has become complex and is now a battlefield. Earlier this year, it was reported that almost 425 million devices in the United States alone were connected to the Internet at any time.  Outside the home, 90 percent of American adults carry a cell phone, and 60 percent of them are smart phones. Now those figures might not be as high in Nigeria but we know the internet is catching up really fast in Nigeria. Jumia and Konga as well as Tecno, Samsung and Internet providers have shown us that.

Every potential customer you are targeting wants to be able to reach your company and also interact with your brand how they want and feel like. Fortunately, the new age brand is expressly adaptable to its consumers. It can adapt and present information, forms and media in formats that best suits the platform being used.

As an entrepreneur, your business should act as such. Fast and effectively. Websites should be mobile friendly, media should also be optimized for mobile devices as that seems to be the way to go now, and applications should work on both tablets and phones across all available platforms and brands. Even Linda Ikeji has her own android app. This way you are taking your products closer to you customers. That is the type of in your face advertising that has helped Samsung achieve success worldwide.

In the competitive online world, knowing about evolving technologies is equals to surviving but still a lot of firms die prematurely. Despite the growing trend of shopping online, only 53 percent of physical businesses have a website or any type of online presence at all. Sad. To even be in the competition at all, the new age brand uses technology as a kitchen for innovation and communication and GTBank is a prime example. Modern brands are actively active in all relevant traffic sources and always produce fresh content to evoke a reaction. Either its an advert or a skit or a viral image online. They not only maintain their reputation of acute development and creativity, they also make themselves expressly present wherever and whenever their customers are. About 75 percent of customers who complain about a company on social media expect a response within just one hour. Are you ready to keep up?
Social media enables the expression of humanity into your business. Real conversations with customers, as well as personalized services and quick response shows that your team is human, and that you're current and potential customers are being heard. Now that is a new age company.

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