Saturday, May 11, 2013

I am a student but for me, money no be problem. How?

After exams are always always boring. A mass exodus of students to their homes made school a shadow of its vibrant self. There was always nothing to do, so when wale grind told me a party was going down that night I was more than delighted to go. If I had only listened to my mum maybe I would have been spared the nightmares of thought I experienced for a couple of days down the line.
"Ladies and gentlemen unilag's finest are in the building, this guys pop bottles like there's no tomorrow "
All eyes in the club were upon us as the mc acknowledged our entry, we walked into the vip section straight up, talk about being loaded. Wale grind called a waiter over and drinks appeared. I gaped at the bottles of Novo, champagne , hennesy , moet, & vodka that just dropped on our table. This drinks alone cost over a hundred thousand naira and I was sure this bottles were just for starters. That was my pocket money for a semester. "This guys no get Ace of Spades sha, make we manage this ones" Wale said as he picked up a bottle of champagne and opened it non challantly. I looked around as I searched for the toilet, tonight was going to be a long night.
Bunmi lived like Aliko Dangote's daughter, maybe not exactly but literally cos, designer clothes, shoes, bags, a car, Bunmi had it all. She claimed she had never eaten at the cafeterias in school. She only ate at eateries. But bunmi didn't look like her family was wealthy, the pictures Shola had seen of bunmi and her family spoke of an average family. Not that she was jealous but. . .how come she always wore very "down to earth" clothes whenever she went home. Shola was on her way to the saloon when she caught sight of a dark red range rover sport leaving new hall. The driver was a man that looked like he had hit 50. A wide grin was pasted on his face as he ogled the girl in the passenger's sit. In the passenger seat beside him was beautiful bunmi. "So that's how she gets the money"? Shola thought to herself as she continued her journey to the saloon.
Students all over are thought of not to be financially buoyant but what happens when a student pushes a ride that a working class citizen can only dream of? How does it happen that a student takes his girlfriend to a boutique and buys her clothes worth eighty thousand naira and it doesn't put a hole in his pocket?
For some rich kids money is not really a problem. Their pocket money for a week can feed an average student for months. For others they have to find other ways,of making money and such ways are not the best I have to say.
Scheming and defrauding on all fronts are some of the things that guys do, bogus lies about textbooks, handouts and assignments are also weapons in their arsenal of making money. Then there is betting. Betting on football matches is one of d latest money making gimmicks in town now, thanks to nairabet, nairastake and the likes plus the internet all you need to make wagers is your mastercard and your mobile phone. It has become that easy. You ask about stealing? They do that too, it has become so large scale that some even have customers at computer village who they supply these stolen items to on a regular basis.
Girls also like to live the good life and their ways of making money is basic. Use what they have to get what they want. Ever heard of "aristos"? What am I saying? Of cos you have. If any lady in the university tells you she has things to do on thursday and friday and nights, only one thing should come to your mind. For those who are not brave enough to go to clubs, or enter a car with a complete stranger or go home with a complete stranger to do whatever, they play it cool. They get a guy that is boxed up and. . . . U know the rest now, they milk him of his money and then they move on to the next one.
But the ante has been lifted and all these skills that bring peanuts in have been dropped. Students go for the jugular now, a new avenue for getting money spoken only in whispers. Very few know about it and even fewer know how to really go about it. Malaysia is where it happens and kidneys are the going goods. Word of mouth has it that kidneys go for about five to fifteen million and sick people are in a livid search for kidney donors. You might not believe but there is no smoke without a fire. A couple of students have gone and returned with enough money to oppress their peers, some don't return at all to tell the tale. You hear of students that went to the beach and got carried away by the sea? Well not all such stories are genuine, some went to Malaysia. Some shody paper work in a downtown hospital and the surgery is a go. A couple of days after they are pushed back to Nigeria. Any side effects or complications that arise later are borne solely by you," shebi na you dey find money"?
You might want to ask what they want with such amount of money, and what do they want so much money for? Show off. Thats the only reason they are not satisfied. Wherever they get their money from be it malaysia or from their parents or happenstance their boyfriends or aristos, these students don't openly speak of how they get their money, they keep it secret and just spend endlessly. And when you are like, "how do you go about it wale grind" you hear things like "na God o" or they'll tell you it's one stupid modelling job they are into. We are left to wonder how they get so much money, who is really paying the bills? 

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