Thursday, October 31, 2013

We celebrate Halloween in Nigeria too

Today is Halloween right? I was listening to a radio show sometimes back and they were taking a poll. The question was if you'll receive tribal marks for three million dollars and almost everybody said they would gladly accept the tribal marks. Some however said not for all the money in the world. That got me thinking about how stupid our fore fathers a.k.a the orangutans that brought us to this world could be. The African mind. Very dumb. How would you think that the best way to recognise yourselves and your tribe was to perpetually destroy God's creations with twelve to fifteen or eighteen thick satanic marks on your face. What happened to a tattoo on your arm or a distinctive hairstyle or something. The only thing they could think of was mortgaging /destroying a persons face and permanently ending a persons chance of ever entering heaven. God can't allow faces like these to be in his Kingdom cos he is a God of perfection and beauty not........he can't allow you to put on a Halloween mask in his Kingdom. And the mask is now permanent again. I pray you enter o.
Some were reasonable to give just two little barely visible marks on each cheek, but some said no, that every single single space of your face must be designed to scare the hell out of anybody from the developed world. And to think some people carry it with pride. Of all the things I'm thankful for this one takes the icing on the cake. That I was not born when this horrible and senseless act was committed.
Some of you like to deceive yourselves and say it's something of pride, that it's our culture and tradition, and we should embrace it. I even saw an article about tribal marks that was titled "Tribal marks: Our continents fading glory".
Tufiakwa. Glory love, pride ni. Let's say the truth, tribal marks is not a thing of pride and is a useless part of our culture. If you are somewhere in this world with a face having twelve to fifteen long, thick and demonic marks on your face that has given you the nickname "you fight lion", I'm sure you'll not be praying for your parents that allowed your face to be mutilated. Anyway it is I just want to say happy Halloween.

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