Wednesday, November 6, 2013

How to root your Android Phone

Rooting that Android phone might sound easy but it isn't that easy, or that hard either. Today we will be looking at how to root your Android phone with a very powerful app. I use this application to root all my phones and I have to say it has an 89% success rate. The application is called
srsroot and you can download it at the srsroot  website. After downloading the exe app install it on your pc.
Then pick up your phone and go to settings, security then tick the box that says "allow installation from unknown sources" then go over to developer settings and allow Usb debugging. Plug your phone to your pc. Open srsroot, in the upper left corner you'll see two boxes, smart root and all methods, click on all methods. Make sure only one phone is plugged into the system at that time and watch it do its magic.
If it doesn't root your Android device then we might have to do it the hard way. The smart root way. You will have to download the drivers of your Android device and install them on your pc. Your manufacturers website should have this. If you are finding it hard to download it, XDA Developers is a good place to go to. Just Google "your device name"  drivers XDA Developers and search. It'll probably take you to the thread for your device. Download the drivers and install.
Then click on smart root and watch it root your device. After rooting your device will reboot and the superuser app will be installed on your device. The superuser app will ask for access from time to time when you install apps that require root access, just tap allow every time and you are good to go. Hope I have helped you to root your Android device? If your device is still not rooted after all these then contact me and I will gladly be of help.

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