Friday, April 26, 2013

Samsung gives 24 month warranty on galaxy s4

Samsung galaxy s4 has a 24 month waranty in Nigeria
Let's say you just received your brand spanking new Samsung Galaxy S4 and you have a ear to ear smile on your face the whole evening. But your girlfriend isn't terribly pleased, especially when you accidentally called her Samsung at an inappropriate time. So she takes your new phone and tosses it. It lands in a water-filled puddle and won't boot-up. In most countries, you'd be SOL and would have to dig into your own pocket to buy a new phone. The good news is that you live in Kenya, one of 16 Pan American countries where the Samsung Galaxy S4 has an enhanced warranty right out of the box, and your phone is repaired for free.
The Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with free accidental damage coverage in 16 countries
Samsung announced on Thursday that those buying the Samsung Galaxy S4 in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Senegal, Sudan, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Namibia, Zambia, Mauritius, Uganda, Cote d’Ivorie, Angola, Botswana and Mozambique will automatically get an accidental damage warranty added for free to their 24 month standard factory warranty. The accidental damage warranty includes coverage for damaged screens and liquid damage.
Buyers of the new Android flagship model will need to register their phone through the e-Warranty service on the Samsung website. If the phone is damaged, the user takes the phone over to the nearest Samsung Service Center where the screen or board will be replaced for free with no incident charge owed. The warranty will be good for two incidents over the 24 month period of the warranty.
"This warranty is yet another way Samsung is showing its commitment to customer service by introducing it as standard on the Galaxy S4 and will be extended to other Samsung devices in the months to come."-George Ferreira, VP and COO, Samsung Electronics Africa


  1. Samsung Galaxy s4 is a great phone it has more features than the iphone 5

  2. yea, the galaxy s4 has a lot of amazing features

  3. This is really so nice with a lot of features. I really enjoying using it. samsung