Sunday, November 17, 2013

The vampire named Chris. Episode one: Arrival

Chris jumped over a fallen tree with the agility of a gymnast and continued his frenzied run, his heart was beating so loudly it could be heard miles away, his brow was trickling with drops of sweat. He was followed by flying branches and dried leaves. The werewolf was right behind him, he could feel it's breath.
The werewolf lashed out with its clawed paws catching Chris on his back and taking a chunk of flesh with it. He lost his balance and staggered, the jungle floor rushed to meet him as he hit the floor the pain in his back increasing. The werewolf growled behind him. He turned and faced it. It was huge. As big as a horse. In all the documentaries he had seen he had never come across a wolf so big. It was as big as a horse. It's fur was a deep black it was almost purple. Saliva dripped from its huge mouth that had ferocious looking teeth. It's amber green eyes glittered in the dark as it circled Chris, it's muscles rippling under its fur.
It lunged at Chris,it's powerful jaws sinking into Chris's left arm. Chris screamed, he heard his bones break as <!--more-->the werewolf pulled with its jaws still closed. It took Chris's arm with it. Chris looked at the werewolf with horror as it tossed his arm away, blood pumped out in torrents from his amputated arm. His vision began to blur, weakness seeped into every pore of his body. Just as he began to black out sliding into unconsciousness anger brewed up in his head, his eyeballs turned blood red, his muscles bulged, pain blazed in his amputated arm. He looked at it as it began to regrow. He looked back at werewolf and uttered a guttural sound, his canine lengthened and he lunged at the werewolf grabbing it's neck and wrestling it to the ground.
The werewolf snapped at his head, he ducked and punched it with his right fist. The werewolf flew a few metres before crashing on the jungle floor. Chris crouched & roared. The werewolf got up, howled and faced Chris, anger evident on its face. Chris lept in the air, did a back flip and came flying down with his right leg stretched aiming for the werewolf's head. It jumped aside as Chris's leg hit the tree behind it, the tree trunk splintered in a hundred pieces. Chris turned to face the werewolf, it had begun running off.
Chris followed it jumping over rocks, trees and ditches with ease, he  couldn't understand how it was possible, he tried to think but the only thought in his head was killing the werewolf. His ears pricked as he heard sounds of rapidly moving water. It was too fast to be a river. It must be a waterfall. The werewolf was right ahead. Chris jumped with all his might as the werewolf jumped also attempting to cross the river to the other side. They met in midair as the werewolf tried to bite off his head. Chris slipped to the left and grabbed it's neck with his right arm, he dug his hand into the werewolf's mouth, his nails tore into the wolf's insides as he searched for its heart. His hand curled around something warm and thudding. He grabbed it and tore it out of the beasts mouth. He bit into the heart and warm sweet blood streamed into his mouth. He released the wolf, it raced to meet the icy waters below as it transformed to a human body. Chris's eyes opened in bewilderment as he hit the water with a loud splash.
         *                    *                              *                              *                    *            *
Chris picked himself up as he trudged towards the river bank. What a night. He didn't even know where he was. He looked around, the night was eerily silent. He looked at the sky. The eastern part looked alight. He guessed it was electricity that caused it to be so. He picked his way through the bush as he moved towards where he hoped was home. They had just moved from Lagos. He and his family. His dad had gotten transferred and momsy had decided they all went. He liked the new house, it was big and there was this large plantation or farm behind it. That was where he went to check out this night. To see if there was anything that could fill his hunger for blood. Ever since he had been a kid he had always craved blood. Wanted it like a new born baby wanted breast milk, like a dog wanted a bone, like a leprechaun wanted gold. His mum always told him how she almost died when she had been pregnant with him. She constantly lost blood and became very thin. The doctor had diagnosed her with aplastic anemia. A bone marrow disease that made production of red blood cells impossible. She had to be transfused blood every two days. She was lucky her husband was rich. But after she gave birth to him the disease suddenly disappeared. Chris's father had vowed that he wouldn't give birth again. The agony his wife had gone through was something he didn't want to happen again.
He had come out of his mother's womb with his canine teeth fully formed, something that had baffled the doctors. Their various house helps always found rats, and some times their dogs dead and drained of blood. He liked dogs and dogs liked him too, his parents didn't know why but he had an idea. With the amount of movies he had watched and the Internet surfing he could do he figured he was an aberration of nature. A vampire. But in Nigeria?  Where there others like him? Did they drink blood also? These questions always plagued his mind. Back to this evening, was that thing really a werewolf? The eternal enemies of vampires? He had just wanted to check out the neighbourhood. He had sneaked out of his room to the plantation on the other side of their fence for a little snack. He neared the fence of his home as he remembered how the wolf had jumped out of nowhere and attacked him. He had been scared. He tried to get into its head and talk to it but the barrier had been too strong. No dog, no matter the breed had a such a strong barrier. That's when he realised this was no ordinary dog but something else and had run for his life. The werewolf had given chase.
He looked at his arm, how had it grown back? He never thought something like that could happen. Could he die at all? Was he immortal? He got to the fence and heaved himself up. He dropped silently and tiptoed towards the back of the house. He jumped and caught the windowsill of his window on the second floor and got into his room. He dropped on his bed utterly tired. Tomorrow he was starting at a new school, he hoped it wasn't filled with dangerous surprises like the plantation. He dozed off almost immediately. Little did he know that the school was full of vampires and werewolfs and the plantation's experience was one of many to come.

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