Friday, November 15, 2013

Pes 2014 android

You know Fifa 14 is out for android shey.? PES 2014 is the second most popular football game series on the ps3,ps2, Xbox 360 and also being developed on two new next-gen consoles, the PS4 and Xbox One, a PES 2014 APK is also in the works as it is featured in the trailer and it has noticeable differences in comparison with the previous version, especially in graphics, the operation and movement of characters appear smoother and faces of the players have more detail.
These are some of the features that will be introduced into the pes 2014 apk game for Android.
MASS (Motion Animation System Stability): This influences the way players react when they both wrestle each other for the ball, when they fall, and how they react to tackles which was very unrealistic in PES 2013.
PES ID: helping to simulate the movements of the players in PES more like the real-life players (meaning many players will be made to closely act like their real life selves unlike PES 2013 that  just focuses on 50 players).
Team Play: Players can set different strategies for many players.
Heart: factors impact player when playing at home or away from their fans.
The Core: This also can be considered as one of the biggest changes of PES 2014, it ensures the continuity of the game. It knows you just lost a game and will comment on it in the next game . In addition how the ball moves is also taken into consideration, for example the jabulani will have more unpredictable swerves than the Nike prima.
PES 2014 APK will soon be out.

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