Friday, November 22, 2013

Meet the teacher that seduced her student with hot facebook pictures(Pictures)

Nice view shei?
A teacher has been struck off for having sex with a 16-year-old boy after seducing him with photographs of herself in various poses on Facebook. Mother-of-two Clare Horton, 33, posted a series of self-portraits known as ‘selfies’, before her relationship with the pupil became sexual. She showed him pictures of herself in a lacy top and a black dress with a plunging neckline while he was revising for his GCSEs.
The design teacher claimed she had been simply seeking ‘the hand of friendship’ from the teenager as she went through an acrimonious divorce and they did not have sex.

But she was found guilty of misconduct and banned from teaching for two years.
Mrs Horton, who was head of year 11 at the time, sent the teenager messages on Facebook while he was on study leave for his GCSE exams.  A disciplinary hearing was told she met the schoolboy for a revision time ‘rendezvous’ before driving him back to her home in Newport, South Wales. The boy, known as Pupil A, later told police he had sex with the teacher but did not want to press charges because of his ‘strict  religious beliefs’.

She is not looking bad
‘Because of what was going on at home, teaching was my only lifeline. To be told I was anything other than ugly, fat, useless and worthless was a safety blanket that I foolishly used. ‘He was very kind and listened. I was just talking about what was going on with my ex-husband. He made me feel better. ‘He slept at my house and so did I. I slept alongside him. We did not have sexual intercourse.’

The teacher, who broke down in tears while giving evidence, added: ‘Within days of the event, I felt I had committed the ultimate sin. I was in such a bad place mentally.
‘The feeling of shame and regret is something I will never be able to get rid of.’ She added that she ‘deserved to be punished’.
Martin Jones, who presented the evidence at the hearing, said Mrs Horton’s behaviour ‘clearly amounted to a significant breach in the professional boundary between her and pupil A’. Panel chairman Helene Mansfield said the teacher’s arguments were ‘unconvincing’. She had displayed ‘a lack of awareness of her responsibilities and abused a position of trust’.
Some naija students dey find this ofer oh!!
The panel chairman acknowledged that the teenager had been a former pupil at the time of the incident, ‘albeit by a few days’.
The disciplinary hearing ruled that Mrs Horton had engaged in an inappropriate and sexual relationship with the pupil that amounted to misconduct.
She was given an indefinite prohibition order and told she would have to wait two years before reapplying to teach.

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