Friday, November 22, 2013

Do you have the fat gene? You might, read about it NOW

Spending hours in the gym to stay slim may be all for nothing if you have the wrong genes, a new study suggests.
Scientists believe as many as nine in 10 obese people are fat because of their genes.
They say the ‘fat gene’ is so powerful that when it mutates it makes mice twice as fat, and diabetic.
By looking at just one family, scientists were able to pinpoint the defective gene – known as CEP19 - that caused them to be obese.
The team from the Icahn School of Medicine in the U.S. found that ‘switching off’ the genein mice caused them to become morbidly obese by making them want to eat more and burn off fewer calories.
They believe the gene plays a vital role in determining appetite and energy levels.
This means that when it is functioning normally it helps people stay lean.
However, when it mutates, it can cause energy levels to plummet and appetite to increase, resulting in obesity.
Geneticist Dr John Martignetti said: ‘Starting with the gene discovery in a single family with morbid obesity, these studies led to the identification of a gene that seems to be fundamental to regulating nutritional status.
‘This gene is shown to be present not only in humans and mice, but also in the simplest known single-cell animal.
‘Nature considers this gene so important that it has preserved its structure for more than 700 million years.’

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