Thursday, March 6, 2014

John Snow, Game of Thrones star goes shirtless for the first time

As one of Game of Thrones most lusted after characters, Jon Snow has kept his fans guessing as to what kind of physique he is hiding under his costume of cloaks and furs.
But thanks to actor Kit Harington's latest role as a slave in upcoming film Pompeii, they won't have to use their imagination for much longer.
However he says having a ripped body and six pack to play slave Milo came at price - hours of exercise and a strict diet.
His scenes are all filmed in northern Ireland and Iceland - and the actor is never seen without layers of furs and cloaks to keep him warm.
'Iceland is a beautiful perfect place and desolate - It's the perfect place to take Thrones and film the Beyond the Wall scenes.'

The actor, has to sport a beard and long locks for his Throne character all the time, and revealed people are often disappointed when they see him in real life.
'People run up to you and say: "It's Jon Snow" - they really want to believe.
'They are almost disappointed you aren't wearing furs and shawls and cloaks and everything. It's like you have let them down somehow.
'For that sort of investment and that many people to get involved in it, its great.'
Of the latest season of Game of Thrones, which hits Foxtel's Showcase on April 7, Harington revealed : 'It's the most action packed the most expensive season we have done.'

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