Monday, December 30, 2013

Meet the woman with a 7 feet ASS!!

She has to wear extra large trousers and once managed to crack a toilet bowl just by sitting on it but Sarah Massey, 33, says she is proud to have one of the world's largest posteriors.
The Chicago mother-of-two's derriere measures an impressive 7ft in diameter and sometimes proves too large to fit through doorways.
But despite being proud of her record-breaking rear end, 32-stone Ms Massey admits that living with a super-sized bottom isn't always easy and receives £750 in disability benefit each month as a result of having limited mobility.
'Everyday I get some kind of comment thrown at me, both good and bad - I used to be ashamed but now I hold my head high,' she revealed.
And after discovering an online community of men who appreciate curvy women, Sarah says she has no shortage of admirers. 
She explained: 'It began when I took pictures of myself to document my weight loss and a photographer friend put them on Facebook. 
'They got so many likes that he asked if we could do some modelling pictures, then those pictures went viral.'
But while she is comfortable with her dimensions, filling her wardrobe is expensive and requires serious planning.
'Because of my size I can't ever find outfits in normal stores. My top half is a 7XL and my bottom half is 10XL so I have to go to specialists. 
'I buy most of my clothes online because there are few plus-size stores with big enough clothes. Larger outfits are expensive so I can spend up to £400 per month on clothes.'
And her problems don't end with finding clothes. Thanks to her ample bottom, she finds it difficult to perform even the most basic chores
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