Thursday, May 9, 2013

Want a gold plated blackberry Q10?

Gold platted blackberry Q10
The blackberry Q10 just came out a couple of weeks back and its already getting lots of love. BlackBerry Q10 dipped in 24 carat gold, delivered to your doorstep in a premium wooden box sounds pretty doesn't it?  Well luxury gadgets of such rank come at a steep price. This particular BlackBerry Q10 modification will set you back £1597, which equals to about $2472. That's enough money to buy about four iPhone 5 handsets at retail price, you still want it? In case you're wondering, the innards of the BlackBerry Q10 have not been modified in any way, you are getting the same thing except for the shiny body. The smartphone is delivered unlocked and SIM-free. The BlackBerry Q10 isn't the only smartphone that Goldgenie's craftsmen have treated to a golden outfit. 24 karat iPhones and iPads are also among the products offered by the company

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