Friday, April 19, 2013

Samsung flies the Galaxy S4 in with a helicopter to launch it in Romania

Samsung is bringing it all out with the Galaxy S4. The Korean company has officially launched the device with pompous events in New York and London, but it continues to ramp up the hype in other countries.

It all started with New York’s Radio City Hall where Samsung staged a theatrical performance hiring a whole orchestra for the Galaxy S4 unveiling. Then in the United Kingdom, Samsung arranged a concert to go along the S4 launch. And now of all places in Romania Samsung continues with its creative approach this time flying the S4 in a helicopter.

Out of it, two men clad in black suits and wearing glasses in a typical Bond-style take out a suitcase to present two Galaxy S4 models to the press.

Weird? Yes. Cool? You bet. It seems that just like with earlier devices, Samsung will do all it takes to advertize and push its new flagship to customers, don’t you think?

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