Monday, December 2, 2013

Fifty shades of gray producer plans an X rated movie

Read the book before? You haven't ?? Seriously??!! Anyways Fifty Shades of Grey producers are set to make two versions of the film so they can please both fans of the explicit book and allow the movie to be shown in mainstream cinemas.
'What we’re kind of hearing from the fans is they want it dirty... they want it as close as possible [to the book],' said producer Dana Brunetti, who has been listening to the demands of the book's female followers on Twitter.
After a fairly restrained take on the bondage bestseller for mainstream cinema audiences, he reveals filmmakers are planning to release a more explicit version soon afterwards.
The sex scenes featuring bondage, spanking and sadomasochism were a big part of the appeal of the so-called 'mommy porn' books by EL James.
They tell the story of virginal college student Anastasia Steele, who embarks on an intense voyage of sexual discovery with her S&M-loving boss, billionaire entrepreneur Christian Grey.

But they have created a minefield for filmmakers of the £25m movie who risk either neglecting the racy book's fans by toning it down too much or getting a rating that deems it off limits for mainstream cinemas.
'We do not want this film to be seen as mommy porn - we want to keep it elevated but also give the fans what they want,' Brunetti said.

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