Monday, December 2, 2013

Kim K goes without underwear again.

She is really curvy
You've got to hand it to Kim Kardashian - the woman is always finding new ways to shock while showcasing her famous figure.
On Friday, that meant going commando and squeezing her curves into a tiny black dress with cut-out panels on the sides from the waist downwards.
The reality star was supporting her fiance Kanye West at his Miami Yeezus concert and the couple had an unusual way of preparing ahead of his performance.
Kim, who is known for her love of selfies, posted a picture of herself and her fiance posing in a rather insalubrious looking bathroom with the caption, 'Bathroom selfie before Yeezus hits the stage'.
Kim K and her doppleganger

In the photo a rather serious looking Kanye stands in the background with his arms by his side whilst the mother of his child pouts while snapping the picture on her phone.
The rapper sported a pair of jeans with a brightly coloured design along with a rather patriotic sleeveless top with the stars and stripes and an eagle emblazoned across the front, along with some heavy chains.
Kim and Kanye

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