Monday, September 23, 2013

Bbm for Android and Ios

Bbm ? On Android? We prefer whatsapp. Well that's they thought, 21st of September came and what do you know. Almost a million people hadn't slept all night, a couple of thousands were constantly darting in and out of the playstore, others were on blogs, websites and social networks searching for bbm for their android and ios devices. The app didn't show up at the playstore causing a lot of angry outbursts, apparently almost the whole world were secretly cheering for #bbm4all. At the end of the day over a million people had downloaded the app for android and a couple of thousand for iPhone.
BBM for android has been a long time coming, and the result is a fairly slick-looking app with the bright, flat design language we've come to expect from just about everything. Coming to both iOS and Android this weekend(it was supposed to) it seems to runs on different servers than its native BlackBerry counterpart, and BlackBerry is selling the service partly as a secure alternative to existing competitors. That said, its user experience the little I have seen is definitely gonna give whatsapp a good run for its money. The design includes just about everything you'd expect: a slide-out side menu includes group messaging features and other settings, while a contacts list lets you talk to individual users. Now you'll be getting contacts by giving them your pin and controlling who talks to you. Unlike every tom,dick and harry chatting with you cos they have your phone number.

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