Saturday, December 27, 2014

That Fresh Young Lag Boy (Sex with a Virgin)

"Jesus Christ!!! Chris!!!! We didn't use a condom!!!!
               * * *
 I couldn't go out, I couldn't eat, I couldn't think, I couldn't go home. It was like life had ended for me, what am I saying? It has already ended. Hiv positive??? What else is there to live for? My life as I knew it was over. I would never be seen as a normal person. The stigma was unthinkable. I can't eat in public, the shop owner would chase me, the whole school would have known by now. And I was the president, they might even impeach me or something. Chai!!! Just One night o. One single girl. One time. Na so person dey take catch am? But I used a condom now. My mind just kept reeling with questions, what ifs and had I knowns. It was now four days after I heard the news, four days of no food and no contact with the outside world. After the news I came home straight and locked myself in, my phone rang for the first two days from calls and then the battery ran out, no food had entered my mouth not to talk of having my bath. I looked sick and ageing. The Aids was very fast. It was already destroying my immune system. So its Aids that will be the thing that will kill me. Chai!!!
Nobody had come to see me in my house off campus. Maybe they had heard, nobody will ever want to be in contact with me again. I might have to withdraw from school or even deffer my admission till all the people I know graduate. Maybe even change my name too. I closed my eyes as tears flowed from my eyes like cascades in a waterfall, my heart ached as I remembered my mothers warnings, her words of encouragement, admonition and warning had fallen on deaf ears .

I didn't know when Anu got to my side and touched me. How did she get in? Her eyes were blood red and misty, she looked like she had been crying for days. Did she know? I asked with my eyes, she looked into my eyes and nodded. I looked away as the tears continued their swift and salty journey from my eyes down my cheeks till the droplets obeyed the law of gravity and dropped to the bed. Anu held my hands and put her head on my shoulder. That was her way of comforting me and telling me everything would be alright, but I knew it wouldn't be, Ever again. We were like that for a while, each of us in our world of how comes and had I known. Plethora of how it all went wrong swirled in our heads as we tried to guess what the future held for us, she was optimistic, I wasn't . I knew my life was over, but was hers? Had I somehow destroyed her life?
"Chris, u stink. You need to take your bath"
She stood and tried to pull me up, I didn't budge. She shot me a gaze that I would have grimaced at if I still had a life, but I didn't anymore. She turned and walked purposefully away from me. Even Anu was leaving me. I turned and faced the wall. I slept for some time, I didn't know how long or how short, time is something insignificant to a dying man. I woke up to Anu's touch and the smell of Fried eggs with corned beef and sausages, she held a plate where yam and tasty looking eggs seemed to be having a very cosy nap.
"At least eat"
I looked at her, she still loved me, her eyes said it all. She picked up the fork and begun feeding me. I opened my mouth, chewed, and sipped water at her command. After the meal she literally dragged me to the bathroom, unclothed me and gave me a good bath, I didn't speak or move all through. I just stood like a zombie, like a dead man walking that I was. Even when she held my family jewels and washed them with her soft and gentle hands, nothing moved in me. She dried me up and led me to the water closet and sat me down.
"When u are through clean up and come to the room"
I emptied my bowels like an obedient baby and went over to the room after putting on my briefs that Anu left on the door, my bedsheets had been changed, my room swept, Anu was at the door giving the washerwoman money and my dirty clothes.
I went over to the bed and sat down. She joined me, sat down and hugged her knees, her eyes fixed on the carpeted floor we didn't say anything for a while, then finally I spoke, three words that meant the world to me at that time.
"Are you positive?"
She sighed and looked at my face, God please let it be NO, this girl didn't deserve to suffer for my adultery. She burst into tears, her back racking from exertion to hold back the emotions. My heart shattered into a million broken fragments as I thought of what to do, hold her, kiss her, talk to her, cry with her? I was lost, dumbfounded.
"I'm sorry Anu, words are not enough to express the regrets I have, please......c.......ju......wi.."
Nothing came to my head again as I remembered the events of about 10 days back. The day I disvirgined Anu.
               * * * *
It was exactly one week from my rendezvous with..........what was that girls name again? Can't remember now. We had done it in the office and she had screamed my name. It felt so good I wanted to ask for more. It was a very unforgettable quickie for me. Best I ever had. But that was one week ago and I had invited Anu over to my house today. I will make sure we have sex today, we've been dating for almost a year now and she was giving me one crappy line about marriage and virtue and virginity. Who cares? Men don't even want to marry virgins again. Or she doesn't know? Aaah she did not "jasi" sef. I just want to help her ni, lemme help her and cut it now so she will be free, she is doing anyhow anyhow. Shiooor. Let her come first. Worst worst, Spanish fly ló má sè isè yén.
I had told her to buy a bucket of grilled chicken and and ice cream.
That ice cream is what will make the work faster sef. Just watch daddy Chris work.
I was at the door immediately she knocked. I opened the door to see my pretty girlfriend looking more beautiful than I remembered. Casual clothes, white teeth and a pretty face. I hugged her first then kissed her as I ushered her in.
"I'm pretty famished, where is the food abeg"
"Seriously? You won't even welcome me well, with all the food u are eating sef only God knows where it is going"
"Hmmmmmn, should I show you? Are u ready to see where it is going" I said as I pasted a silly grin on my face as I moved towards her to hug her.
She giggled as she shoved me away playfully "Go away jooor, silly boy". I led her to my bed as we opened the packs and started eating, my home theatre already on cue started playing Don't let go by Capital Femi, next was Banky W's RnBW album . Nice Rnb songs for the perfect setting. She looked at me with a coy smile as I stood up and began singing to her. She laughed as I knelt down and sang along with Femi

"Don't let go, I love you
  Don't let go, my love's true
  Don't let go, I love you
  Don't let go, my hearts true
  I'm ready to fight this war
  Whether it rains or it pour pour pours
  No matter I'm yours all yours
  Till the ending of time of cause
  Hey Don't walk away
  Baby baby don't be afraid
  My love is here to stay
  I will do anything
  Don't dare, go away
  Don't dare say, all the love is gone
  I'll stay
  Down on earth with you
  I will do anything girl"

She was blushing and I was in my element, I pulled her up and we danced fake salsa, then waltz we just ended up rocking to the song as I whispered the words to her ears. I kissed her slowly, as my hands roamed from her waist to her back and then her neck and arms my lips never leaving hers as I kissed her like my life depended on it. She put her hands on my neck as she pulled me closer. I broke the kiss.
"If I had a million dollars, I'lld marry you today."
"Marry ko, divorce ni, hopeless romantic oshi. Let's finish eating joo". She pulled me in and gave me a small kiss on the lips. My baby was shy. I smiled as we got back to eating. Banky W in his mesmerizing voice sang of saying yes or no to his million dollar question as we fed each other ice cream. As I brought the spoon to her lips I intentionally let it slip and drop on her shirt.
"Damn!! Sorry, take it off so it won't get spoilt, let me wash it out"
"Really? Its nothing I'll just....."
"No pull it off, are you that shy? Don't spoil the dress o. Shebi u are wearing a bra? Or u don't want me to see it?
"Getaway joo, nasty boy. That's where your eyes will be going everytime, ashawo boy"
"No I'm serious now" I said with a straight face. She looked at me and reluctantly pulled off her top. I took it to the bathroom and dipped it into a bucket of water. Let me see how she will want to wear it back. I brought it out and hung it on the bathroom door, dripping with water as it was.
"Where is my cloth o?"
"Its getting dry. Do you want to put on a wet cloth again?"
I sat beside her and continued eating as if nothing happened. She picked up her ice cream and continued eating to. First huddle passed I thought in my mind. Stage two next.
"Shy girl like you, assuming you were finer than this nko?"
She giggled and punched me, I dodged it and stuck my tongue out. She giggled again as she dropped her ice cream and covered her mouth. My eyes moved over her body as I focused on her chest, her skin was spotless, her bra was doing enough to cover her boobs. Let it sha not be push up or padded bra. The contents of the bra called to me as if to say,"we want to feel your touch". Two of you should calm down, remain small na.
"My ice cream is tasting funny, did you put anything in it when I was away?" I said, already at work on how to touch the untouchables.
"Its a lie, its tasting somehow, how do I suddenly love you like my life depends on it?"
I looked upwards as I twirled the ice cream in my mouth.
She laughed, I almost laughed to but I managed to keep a straight face.
"No, seriously anu, taste it, please"
I brought it to her mouth and fed her. She licked her lips "I'm suddenly crazily in love with you Chris" she said in a robotic voice. I laughed. I took the spoon to her mouth but it wasn't intended to enter her mouth this time, my hand somehow miraculously slipped and spilled ice cream on her chest. It was a perfect shot, right in the middle of her boobs.
"Owwwwwwww" Anu moaned as the cold cream touched her skin. I laughed at her. She jokingly punched me. I dropped my ice cream.
"Pele, oya lemme clean it"
She looked at me with fake anger. I put my hand on her bare shoulders and brought my head down slowly to her boobs. I exhaled on her breasts, she inhaled sharply and adjusted herself. I put my tongue between her boobs and wasted lots on time licking the cream off her breasts.
"Chrisssssss, oniranu oshi" but she didn't try to stop me.
I took my mouth to the nape of her neck, I kissed it, she released her breath sharply. I gave her a soft kisses on her neck, then I kissed behind her ears, her earlobes, she squirmed and soft moans escaped her lips as I continued my ministrations on her body. I got to her lips and gave her a thorough kiss, she kissed me back. My hand moved to her back, "1, 2" her bra was down. I peeled it off as we were still kissing, I ended the kiss and used my tongue to trace a line from her ears to her boobs, then to her navel. She moaned and held my head as I twirled her belly button with my wet tongue.
She squirmed on the bed. I retraced my mouth back to her breasts. Full and soft and still standing. I covered her right breast with my mouth. Anu began to moan deeply as I suck her breasts, my tongue flicking across her nipples. I grabbed the ice cream and scooped two spoons on her left breast. Ever so gently so the ice cream won't fall off, I cupped her breasts in my hands and sucked her breasts, licking the ice cream off those nipples. Anu moaned in pleasure, the effect on her must have been really strong because she suddenly pulled my face into her chest and bit her lip in ecstasy. Determined to take her to cloud 9 I renewed my oral assault on her breasts, her breathing and body language told me I was on the right track. Her moans of pleasure were like music to my ears. She writhed uncontrollably in my arms, her thighs squeezing together in expectant agony, her voice almost incoherent as she chanted “Don’t stop… don’t stop… DON’T STOP!”
I didn’t stop.
Anu came very suddenly, I’d not even touched her below the waist. I moved to her right breast as every muscle in her body tensed then I gently released her and she collapsed limp beside me, rolling her tender breasts away from my mouth.

"That's how ice cream is best taken" I said with a smile on my lips. She pulled me down and kissed me. I ran my hand up her leg, feeling the soft skin of her inner thighs and thrilling in the heat radiating from her core. My fingers brushed her private part and she opened her eyes, gazing into mine indecisively.
"Let's take off our clothes", she said. With lightning speed I peeled of her leggings and she was suddenly naked beside me. Like flash I pulled off my clothes. Her nude skin felt electric against mine. Every inch of Anu’s body was smooth and soft especially her exceptionally soft breasts. Her nipples were hard tips poking my chest. I stretched out my hand as I gave Anu’s tight round ass a playful squeeze but I didn’t take my hand away. I kissed her again, slowly, stroking her lips with my tongue, my hands continued kneading Anu’s incredibly firm butt cheeks. She met my eyes, visibly enjoying what I was doing. She inched forward up my thigh, discreetly rubbing herself on me. She pressed her shaking hand to my groin, feeling the hot skin with her palm. Nervous, she slowly played with me stroking, squeezing. Gently cupping my balls as if to see what they felt like. The gentle stimulation was incredible. I almost came. She tore her mouth away from mine to give herself a better view of what she was doing to me down below. Her eyes went wide when, for the first time, she beheld the sight of a man’s erect penis in her hand.
“What does it feel like?” I asked
“It’s warm,” she answered.
We continued kissing, I slowly turned and I was ontop her, I held her legs and spread them open. I positioned myself and teased her, she moaned as my member ground on her delicate and sensitive opening. I finally pressed the head of my member inside. It felt so right, the first contact felt like magic, so natural, to slide into her, to feel her walls stretch and adjust to me until I was buried deep inside her and all I could feel was her heat and her body.

I kissed her then, with me already inside her. I wanted to feel her lips under mine, feel if they were really as soft as they looked now. They were. She was suddenly a good kisser as she kissed back with urgency. I began moving inside her, easing in and out of her and loving the effect it had on her. Soft, adorable meows of happiness came out of her with every quickening breath. God, she sounded sexy. I pulled out slowly as the tension built in me but I couldn’t help slamming deep in again, wanting to take it further, to take it higher. We started doing it properly, her hips rising up to smack against mine and it felt good to release all the pent-up anxiety and forget about the world. It was just me and her and Banky W's voice. It was hard and intense, slowing when we came close just so we could enjoy the sensations for as long as possible. Somehow she rolled and she was on top, riding me slowly, her eyes not leaving mine the whole time. It felt like it had more meaning than just sex; like there was some connection, something holding us together, dictating our moves to make it a more incredible experience. And it was. She was perfect, she clenched around me in just the right way and her body moved over mine like silk. She was amazing.

Eventually we came, though it still felt too soon. She was just too much. The way she moaned, the way her hips twisted, the shine of sweat on that flawless body…. Everything. I came deep inside her, again and again until I had nothing more to give and all I was aware of her was her weight on my chest and the quivers that trembled through the both of us. I felt sated and happy as I kissed her forehead. But the joy of sex was cut short too soon, and the next thing was what began the domino effect of my sexual and whole life put together.
Anu jumped up and screamed as her face changed from happy and sated to horrified and heart broken. I flew out of bed in fear as I looked at her. Her eyes were misty and close to tears.
"What is it?"

"Jesus Christ!!!! Chris!!!! we didn't use a condom!!!!"

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